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As a little girl in Jamaica going through years of childhood #sexualabuse, #drugrape & other violence, I was consumed in torture, darkness & pain.

However, there was something inside so strong that kept me #fighting.

Today, this fight has not only seen me break free from my abuse & violence, its become my #burningdesire speaking out against such cruelty, helping/education those that need it & creating #positivechanges to prevent it happening to others.

As a #domesticabuse & #sexualviolence (DASV) #practitioner, I set up the #LionessCircle – supporting over a 100 women & girls survivors, particularly from the black & minority ethnic (#BAME) community.

As a #DASV advocate , I represent the voiceless, ensuring our voices are heard at all levels – from #grassroots to the highest level of political influence.

This video of me sharing my story nationally in front of thousands of people at the Labour Party Annual Conference 2019 is evidence of my own growth. I’m walking in my light & I’m determined to continue representing & #inspiringwomen & girls survivors all over the world.

A Survivor’s Inspired Testimony

To support my campaign, please visit and either donate or purchase my ebook. ALL contribution is greatly appreciated and will go towards the Lioness Circle DASV programme. Follow us @lionesscircle @lionesstamar Disclaimer: these views are my own & doesn’t represent the UK Labour Party in anyway. Tamar Nwafor | Mother | Wife | Survivor | Multiple Business Woman